The most distant way in the world

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                                                             ——Rabindranath Tagore

The most distant way in the world
is not the way from birth to the end.
It is when I sit near you
that you don't understand I love you.

The most distant way in the world
is not that you're not sure I love you.
It is when my love is bewildering the soul
but I can't speak it out.

The most distant way in the world
is not that I can't say I love you.
It is after looking into my heart
I can't change my love.

The most distant way in the world
is not that I'm loving you.
It is in our love
we are keeping between the distance.

The most distant way in the world
is not the distance across us.
It is when we're breaking through the way
we deny the existence of love.

So the most distant way in the world
is not in two distant trees.
It is the same rooted branches
can't enjoy the co-existence.

So the most distant way in the world
is not in the being separated branches.
It is in the blinking stars
they can't burn the light.

So the most distant way in the world
is not the burning stars.
It is after the light
they can't be seen from afar.

So the most distant way in the world
is not the light that is fading away.
It is the coincidence of us
is not supposed for the love.

So the most distant way in the world
is the love between the fish and bird.
One is flying at the sky;
the other is looking upon into the sea.

The LED Lighting Deal Landscape Is Growing, But Not Matching Expectations

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Although significant consolidation has already occurred across the LED value chain, further consolidation will be required for the market to mature to a stable state.

Some of the drivers of this process will be achieving economies of scale, china led light cost reductions, sustainable market share and access to innovative IP to meet rising output requirements. This will further increase the likelihood of deal activity to 2018. Memoori recently released a research report on investment activity in the LED sector, finding that deal activity has not met expectations set a couple of years ago.

Both overall VC Investment flows and cleantech-specific VC funding were on a downward trend in 2012 and 2013; however, of all the cleantech sectors, energy efficiency companies continued to attract the most VC investment throughout 2013.

According to data from the Cleantech Group, the sector soaked up 19 percent of all venture investments during the first six months of 2013. The number of energy efficiency deals rose 45 percent in the second quarter for a total of 79 through June.

Private equity players still believe that there is money to be made in LED street light purchaser. However, an analysis of 2012 and 2013 data indicates a small decline in the number of deals closed compared to the 2011 peak of nineteen deals. There was also a 29 percent decline in median deal value to $9.3 million, indicating that investors are proceeding with an element of caution. From an analysis of deals to date this year, our forecasts show this cautious trend continuing at around the same pace through 2014.

Much of the hype surrounding the LED market has now dissipated. Entrepreneurs and VCs who invested over the last two to three years expecting fast returns and big exits are likely to be disappointed. Growth has failed to meet the expectations 4 foot LED tube lights, which were buoyed by optimistic projections touted by the market only eighteen months ago.

Smart control systems are becoming increasingly important due to LED commoditization, making them a potentially hot sector for investment. This should encourage broader adoption of smart technology in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Memoori believes that venture and startup activity will be much more pronounced in the later stages of the supply chain. Innovations in control systems and services tend to be software-intensive, capital-efficient and well aligned with the traditional venture capital investment approach of using small amounts of capital to yield potentially large returns.

In the next several years, it will still be necessary to make further strategic investment in R&D to develop attractive new LED lighting products and systems. Large corporations and industrials will have strategic motivations to foster this continued R&D investment to help them differentiate from the competition. As such, we may yet see as much investment coming from these sources as from VC funding.

Steelers picked to win AFC North in 2014

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Ah, the consoling, sweet strains of June speculation, how we embrace thee.

There’s a whole lotta nuthin’ on which to base season predictions in June except gut feelings, knee-jerk reactions and other metaphors involving limbs acting independently. NFL Network analyst and longtime NFL executive Gil Brandt is flexing all involuntary reactions interlinings, picking the Steelers to make their Ali-like return to the top of the division.

Supplanted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2011-12 (who went on to win the Super Bowl) and the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013 (who failed to win a playoff game), the Steelers’ return to the postseason is highly anticipated by fans, who have suffered Double Sided Fusible Interlining through three consecutive seasons without a playoff win, and toed the line of the team’s first losing season since 2003.

The last two years mark a massive transition of the Steelers’ roster. Older players were jettisoned to make room for, in many cases, younger and worse players. The learning curve has been steep but the reclamation project known as the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers had a heavy emphasis on athleticism and speed, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

If the Steelers can return to their takeaway ways on defense Ilshin interlining, their offense should be strong enough to power through a fairly open-ended division. Cincinnati and Baltimore again look to be the main rivals, but it’s tough to say any one of the three contenders are, on paper, considerably better than the others.

The Steelers have at least one supporter in the national media. Or, make that two – although ESPN analyst Herm Edwards didn’t state the Steelers would win the division, his prediction of them advancing to the Super Bowl trumps the finish in the regular season.

Bloomington church offers clothing, accessories to those in need

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Every Wednesday evening, from September through May, neatly organized racks of clothing, shoes and accessories are rolled into the lower level of Community of the Cross Lutheran Church in Bloomington.

The church’s Community Clothes Line Center accepts clothing interlinings donations, sorts them by gender, size, and style, and makes them available for members of the Bloomington community to take, free of charge and without any questions.

“Starting at 6:30, we often have people lining up outside the door,” said Jennifer Rodgers, the program’s co-coordinator.
The volunteer-run program started in 2005, Weft Insertion Interlining and its continued success shows there is still a great need out there, said Pam Gilbertson, who previously ran the program.

“When we first started setting this up, I was happy that we were doing something that would help the people in our community. A lot of times as a church, you collect donations to send to Africa, and I thought it was really nice to do something right here for our neighborhood,” Gilbertson said.

Families come to the Community Clothes Line Center for a variety of reasons beyond general economic struggles. The volunteers have seen foster parents, who take in children with only the clothes on their backs; families that have experienced emergencies such as fires, and people who came to Minnesota following Hurricane Katrina and who need winter clothes.
Getting enough donations to meet demand can be challenging Permess Interlining. To make sure there is enough to go around, clients are allowed to each fill one bag per visit.

“We accept donations from anyone in the community who wants to bring them to our church during regular business hours,” said Gretchen Godfrey, who runs the program with Rodgers.

During the spring, the center typically sees 15-20 people each night, and when school starts in the fall, the average attendance is 25.

“We need children’s clothes. Of all sizes. Boys are the hardest – they’re hard on their clothes. That is our biggest need,” Gilbertson said. “When we get it, it goes.”

Community of the Cross Lutheran Church is at 10701 Bloomington Ferry Road in Bloomington. For more information, call 952-941-1247.


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We have traveled together in spring, summer, autumn and winter

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It was a perfect summer a hesitant summer
Thoughts can not throw away the tail end of the summer I firmly grasp
Summer tail never seize over
But once the sea through
Youth should be brilliant
So we have to be a tragic and beautiful period
What we called “Memorial can grab you
What we call “the past” can be said not to do.
What we called “day” over time so dull.
Youth is a big tsunami, but the tsunami calm

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Requires a willing to accompany my people, and nothing more

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Love or friendship worth mentioning.
I want a stayed with my people,
You can not understand the humor you can not comfort
But at least you want to see my sad,
I’m not happy that you will accompany me to you and I together.
You can not paper towels to wipe my tears you can not say the words that make me happy
I just need a willingness to stay with my people, and nothing more.